Welcome to the ReThink Planner Getting Started Video Series

Work your way through these videos to get the most out of your Planner

#1 Introduction To ReThink Planner

In this first video, Paul explains all about the ReThink Planner Getting Started Guidebook.

You can download the Getting Started Guidebook by clicking the link below: 

#2 What is ReThink! & Your Dream Life

Paul introduces the methods for getting the best out of your Planner, how to start thinking about Your Dream Life, and all about the ReThink! elements that you are going to use throughout the book.

#3 Dreams to Reality - My Vision

More about the Dream Life Vision and how through Paul's method's you can turn this into a plan to make it a reality by setting long term goals, working back to manageable year specific goals that are matched with the ReThink! elements.

#4 Annual to Weekly Goals

Now you have the big picture goals, Paul explains how these are broken down into Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Goals. These then form the foundation of your daily plans for this week and next and gets you to the heart of the Planner.

#5 Daily Tracking

All about the most used pages in the Planner! What are your Must Do's? How do they fit into the ReThink! elements? When are you going to achieve them by? Why this stage is so crucial.

#6 Daily Habits, Priorities & Review

More on the daily page sections including how to use the Habits and Priorities sections. At the end of each day you complete a review of the day, take time to reflect and get organised for tomorrow.

#7 Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

So you've reached the end of the Week, Month or Quarter using your Planner every day - well done! (That's one new habit established!) Now it's time to reflect and give yourself a score on what you did (or didn't) achieve. Finally you clear out what isn't important and start a fresh plan for the new period.

#8 Recap and Getting The Most Out of Planner

Paul goes back over all the steps you've learnt to start using your Planner right now. How to order more Planners and some related products that may help you achieve your goals and dreams. PLUS find out how you could get the chance to win a years supply of ReThink! Planners just by giving us some feedback.

Need To Buy More Planners? No Problem...

Each ReThink Planner Book covers 90 days, including weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews.

ReThink Planners are available in a variety of stunning colours.

You can buy the ReThink Planner as a single book, or in our special Rainbow or Original colour sets of 4 books... enough for a whole year!

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Single ReThink Planner

Choose from a selection of stunning colours.  

156 pages, 7" x 9.5" executive tablet size. 90 day planner. Weekly, monthly and quarterly review sections. Progress tracking and habit forming features.

Pack of 4 Planners

Choose from RAINBOW or ORIGINAL sets.

Enough planners for a whole year.

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