ReThink The Way You Prioritise, Plan And Manage Your Time

Meet The New, Must Have Daily Planner That Will Help You...

Prioritise and Balance Your ReThink! Goals

Plan & Build Life Changing Habits

Have Clarity On Daily Must-Dos

ReThink Your Mindset For Growth, Focus & Productivity

Track Sleep, Review The Day, Recognise Wins, Gratitude and Learnings

Strategically Schedule Priorities for Tomorrow, Next Week, Rest of Month & Quarter

What's It All About?

Have you notice with every month that passes, you are continuously getting busier?

Are you finding your life has become a constant battle to "find time" to do the things you truly wish to do?

You are not alone!

In today's world, we are mostly living among a community of highly stressed individuals "busy" rushing from one task to the next. 

The advice we mostly receive is that we are struggling with our "time management" skills.

The ReThink Planner challenges this idea and instead gives you an alternative approach to mastering your life rooted in timeless truths and wisdom.

This researched, tested ReThink! approach is beautifully presented as a 90-day planner and includes weekly, monthly and quarterly review sections.

With goal setting, progress tracking and habit forming sections to create the positive mindset and habits needed to lead a happier and more productive life.

Built-in productively assessments, habits scorecards, daily scheduler reflection and gratitude reviews, this planner will change your daily routine completely!

The ReThink Planner is undated so you can start using it anytime.

You can choose your ReThink Planner from a gorgeous selection of colours, all with high quality binding, there's even a choice of multi-coloured whole-year sets so you are set up for the next 12 months right away!

Let's Take A Peek Inside...

Daily Planner

Start each day by setting your goals for each of the ReThink! categories.

List your Top Habits and how long you've done them for.

Confirm your absolute top 4 priorities.

Write your daily notes & reflections and think ahead to tomorrow.

Record your Wins, Learnings and Gratitude.

Weekly Summary

At the end of each week, you'll reflect on your progress in each of the ReThink! categories.

Looking ahead to next week, you'll note the essential priorities that need your focus each day.

All days in the ReThink Planner are undated so you can start anytime!

Sun and Moon icons guide you to the sections you need to fill in at different times of the day.

Monthly Review

The Monthly Review is an important point of reflection, a point to review and score your achievements in each of the ReThink! categories.

Using a fun Hit or Miss approach you'll see if you're on track or not.

Take time to reflect on your ReThink! moments of the month.

Have a critical look at what you've not got done - choose what to Dump, Delegate or Do by a new Date!

Finally you will set your ReThink! goals for the new month.

Quarterly Review

Your reflection point for the whole quarter, and it's all about the ReThink! goals again - are they a Hit or a Miss?

Reflect on your ReThink! moments of the quarter.

Have a critical look at what didn't get done - are they going to be Dump, Delegate or Do?

Set your ReThink! goals for the new quarter, and start a new book!

Sounds Awesome! - How Do I Get One?

Each ReThink Planner Book covers 90 days, including weekly, monthly and quarterly reviews, progress tracking, goal setting and habit forming features.

ReThink Planners are available in a variety of stunning colours - Orange, Purple, Red, Olive Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Grey.

You can buy ReThink Planner as a single book, or in our special Rainbow or Original colour sets of 4 books... enough for a whole year! We also have an exclusive 8 book multi-pack offer not available anywhere else which includes free Worldwide shipping.

Free online Getting Started Video Training course and downloadable Getting Started Guidebook.

Size Information:  156 pages, executive tablet size 7x9.5" (18x24cm), 90 daily action pages.

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